The Collective Journey keeps on going, inside and outside. After finding home in the Land of Oaks, in the waters of the Franciscan bay, in the idealistic gardens of Berkeley, in the heights of the redwoods, in the spirality of Bolinas, in the hearts of all the angels we touched, we move on. All these people and places are wombefested in the home-bus we call Maindra Hue-Hue, and every time we talk about what we Love. All of you are part of it and we thank you for that, from the depths of our Hearts. 

Berkeley, the philosopher, believed that what we perceive is what exists. We see Home everywhere. We find Home everywhere. We want to celebrate that, so we decided to do a ceremony, the longest we’ve ever had. We are driving Maindra Hue-Hue from California to Mexico City, by the pacific coast, accompanied by the Ocean waters. We are leaving today. It is a Journey to the Origin. It is an invocation of Love, for the inner and outer sacred waters. We carry your piece of Love in our Home. We want to ask you, to add a piece of our Love to your Altar, and join the Ceremony. 

There will be radical transformation. There will be healing. Gratitude is the way. Our heart, the container. The birthing of the film, the intention. Our best destiny, the 2000 miles of oceanic experience. Well-come. Yes!

“This place is of holiness. We remember, to take our shoes off.”