The Initiation – Zipaktli – Aztec Calendar Memoirs

Crocodile The caterpillar knows she was born to transform.When she is ready, she trusts in the instinct of her destiny. She embarks on the long journey of rebirth. She goes inside, wrapped in the packaging of potential and change. The cocoon is dark, damp, and cramped. Like the caterpillar, we listen to when it is our time to transform. We go inside. We stay inside. We weep, struggle, and suffer. We stay in stillness and incubation, Fed by the supplemental life of the mother, Fertilized by the determined sperm of the father. We remain in the dark. Until it is time.

To break free is painful for the pain is imperative. We respect and bow to the pain as our great teacher. We tear through the paradigms, the plastics, the conditioning that confines us. We rip open the structures and the illusions, bellowing our cries of freedom and release. To emerge, to open…we must trust. We surrender to the infinite knowledge, the process, the tender essence of truth. Nothing lasts, we will always be called to transform. No matter how long it takes, we emerge more beautiful. We lose ourselves and gain so much more. We lose ourselves to create the space needed for our infinite power to breathe and understand it is now safe to express its wisdom and beauty. We are the butterflies. We must break down, break apart, and break open to let the light in.