What if Time was lived with deep Intention for Connection everyday?

What if each day had a purpose and reason for being; a cosmic mission to be accomplished while it lasts?

We have the opportunity to live Time as Art, embodying 20 Energies from the Aztec Calendar and manifesting an Audiovisual Time Wheel.
The Journey is just starting, and it has already taken us deep into the moisture of the woods, the void of wave organs, the smile of Japanesse eyes, the agility of the Deer, the loyalty of the Dog, the rebelliousness of the Jaguar, the poetry of the Flower, the scent of Light.

As we let these energies guide the path, video therapy makes its way in integrating the healing process with Psychomagic Acts as a New Way of Living & Filming the Story.

This is the Story of Time, from the Heart of Nature.