Episode 1: Ayahuasca

 To the Origin invites us through a multidimensional healing journey with Master Plants through experiencing indigenous ceremonies. In this episode we relate to the ancestral brew Ayahuasca, in the context of the Shipibo culture in the Peuvian Amazon. She manifests herself in the spirit of The Wild Woman. With her spirit we explore the cycles of Birth, Death and Rebirth. 
The white of newness, the red of urgency, the black of what’s dead. Sacred milk squeezes through the dreams of a girl who crosses the portal towards maturity. The apple invites her to expand her consciousness. The tree hugs her. The blood reveals a secret that takes her closer to the mystery of Origin. And she is the one who cries, who kills, who loves, who knows, who gives birth. This is a rite of passage into a transpersonal journey to Remember.