Aztec Calendar Memoirs: Tecpatl

May 16th, 2016  |  Published in Blog


One by one, we take them on
we take on life and hold it within our palms
examining, investigating the possibility
of form falling into place
pushing and pulling looking to force at times
stretching, using all strength, shaking, trembling
it falls,
the stone,
it falls
and acceptance of that stumble is what remains
can the Earth suspend the quake?
letting go opens to fill space
licking wounds and embracing everyplace
each hidden mistake, trigger, action misunderstood takes shape
reflecting into one’s own face, as a circle unfolds from untied knots
sweeping, dusting, tasting the mess of times undone,
taken into bones to be generated a new, reborn.
what is left? What remains?
Breath, stillness met within a womban’s nest.

Written by Christen Minnick

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