Bus Tour Video #1- PLURITY [ Plurality + Unity ]

December 15th, 2013  |  Published in Blog


PLURITY [ Plurality + Unity ]

          VISION 1: The journey begins. A mobile village comprised of a variety of talents travel by bus for 4-months from San Diego, California to Panama to build an on the ground network of impact centers. The Econauts on the buses were hand selected for their skills in natural building, composting, human centered design, permaculture design, recycled blacksmithing, event production, community building, holistic healing and conscious media to leave a positive trace.

         The Earth Odyssey, as we call it, exists as a mobile intentional community with a mission of creating a new world through educational workshops and sustainability installations.


Project Neuvo Mundo Earth Odyssey          After receiving and sharing Light at the XIII Council of Visions, our buses landed at the self sustainable eco-village Huehuecoyotl in Tepoztlan, Mexico. During our time in those mysterious mountains, a beautiful manifestation of serendipity occurred: Three legendary caravans shared wisdom and stories of adventures past with the Earth Odyssey.

          Alberto Ruz and Veronica Sacta, leaders of  the Rainbow Peace Caravan around Mexico to South America, awakened our curiosity about creating a truthful impact by telling us endless adventures of their 13 year epic journey with hundreds of artists contributing their skills to the create transcendental visionary performances in the building of a new paradigm. http://caravanaarcoiris.blogspot.com

          Kareen Kohn head of the Nomads United, inspired us with his experience creating a social and ecological project composed by people traveling by horseback since 1998 implementing workshops, conferences, spectacles, ecological and cultural events. His kind words and adventurous anecdotes living nomadically have moved us deeply to embody completely new ways of traveling. https://www.facebook.com/NomadsUnited

         Fernando Ausin the visionary behind the BioTu caravan encouraged us about the philosophy of modern sustainability. Their bus travels the Americas creating a balance between the ancestral heritage of indigenous communities living within the limits of nature, with the technological advances in telecommunications and renewable energy the modern world offers.  http://biotu.org 

The Earth Odyssey is so infinitely grateful to learn and be nurtured from the experiences of our predecessors. May the sustainable caravans around the world be guided to the luminous path of service to this planet!

We continue our journey onward to a permaculture demonstration center and a spiritual & educational orphanage.

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