Bus Tour Video #3 – GLOCAL -El Pedregal – Permaculture Demonstration Center

February 1st, 2014

Bus Tour Video #3 - GLOCAL -El Pedregal - Permaculture Demonstration Center

  GLOCAL is all about thinking GLOBAL and acting LOCAL. The New World needs individuals who act beyond their own personal desires to live in “comfort”. Planetary regeneration relays on thriving in harmony with the local resources and acting consciously to see the consequences of our initiatives on a larger scale, positively affecting people around the world. The Earth Odyssey expanded this concept by following the permaculture principle to use small and slow solutions – [ … ] Read More

Bus Tour Video #2 Tashirat – Spiritual Orphanage & Learning Center

January 7th, 2014

Bus Tour Video #2 Tashirat - Spiritual Orphanage & Learning Center

  The Earth Odyssey Bus Tour journey continues to Tashirat, a non-profit orphanage, school and spiritual learning center dedicated to holistic wellness in Tepotzlan, Mexico. This center provides abandoned and neglected children with a healthy home, schooling, life and future. The Econauts participated on the construction of a dry toilet that utilizes human waste to fertilize crops that Tashirat grows to feed the children healthy organic food. Here are some images of the toilet in process [ … ] Read More

COCA LEAVES – Sacred Medicine

December 17th, 2013

COCA LEAVES - Sacred Medicine

  Elder Suaga Gua from the Muiska Chibcha community in Colombia shares his wisdom recognizing coca leaves as a spiritual medicine, inherited from an ancient practice to connect to the elements of Nature. He remind us that its use must be understood and practiced with respect among the present generations. It is necessary to know the traditional spiritual practices that we have inherited from our indigenous ancestors in order to be able to envision a [ … ] Read More

FEMININE ARISAL: Message from indigenous Grandfather

December 16th, 2013

FEMININE ARISAL: Message from indigenous Grandfather

  Indigenous elder Suaga Gua from Colombia, invites women to realize their value and empower humanity to lead the social shifts that are needed to transcend paternalism in the actual paradigm. Reinterpreting the social role of women is of fundamental importance for the re-evolution of consciousness to welcome the energy that gives and nurtures life. In the construction of the new paradigm, it is time to give space to the voices that have not yet [ … ] Read More

Bus Tour Video #1- PLURITY [ Plurality + Unity ]

December 15th, 2013

Bus Tour Video #1- PLURITY [ Plurality + Unity ]

  PLURITY [ Plurality + Unity ]           VISION 1: The journey begins. A mobile village comprised of a variety of talents travel by bus for 4-months from San Diego, California to Panama to build an on the ground network of impact centers. The Econauts on the buses were hand selected for their skills in natural building, composting, human centered design, permaculture design, recycled blacksmithing, event production, community building, holistic healing and [ … ] Read More

XIII Council of Visions – The Call of Quetzalcoatl

December 14th, 2013

XIII Council of Visions - The Call of Quetzalcoatl

           Republic of Light’s first stop on the Earth Odyssey Bus Tour with Project Nuevo Mundo is a temporary eco-village in Chalmita, Mexico where the guardians of the earth have an annual gathering – The Council of Visiones.           Educators, environmental activists, artists, healers, indiginous elders and entrepreneurs come to teach the younger and future generations to build a spiritual, social and ecologically sustainable present and future [ … ] Read More

To the Origin Documentary Film update – Peru

October 2nd, 2013

To the Origin Documentary Film update - Peru

OUR JOURNEY CONTINUES It has been a year since we started our journey following Master Plants throughout Mexico and South America. We have filmed a mushroom healer in the Mexican Mazatec mountain-range who taught us how to connect with spirits and perceive this physical lifetime as just another day in school. Now we begin part 2:   After a very long aerial journey, we arrived to the Peruvian Amazon jungle where the most fertile land [ … ] Read More

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