Bus Tour Video #3 – GLOCAL -El Pedregal – Permaculture Demonstration Center

February 1st, 2014  |  Published in Blog


GLOCAL is all about thinking GLOBAL and acting LOCAL. The New World needs individuals who act beyond their own personal desires to live in “comfort”. Planetary regeneration relays on thriving in harmony with the local resources and acting consciously to see the consequences of our initiatives on a larger scale, positively affecting people around the world. The Earth Odyssey expanded this concept by following the permaculture principle to use small and slow solutions – the bigger they are the harder they fall – slow and steady wins the race.

After being inspired with such beautiful children smiles in Tashirat, we keep rolling through the Mexican mountain range in Oaxaca, where we found ourselves surrounded by colorful little streets, traditional mole enchiladas and surreal street music performances.

We arrive at the El Pedregal, a permaculture demonstration center which is a part of a series of pilot programs based on collaborative participation of communities, society and government initiatives aimed to conserve the natural equilibrium of the region. This ensures the presence of water for all, and provides options for social improvement to rural and urban communities.

The Econauts brought their expertise to build systems that does not require outside infrastructure to sustain and regenerate itself. We planted comfrey plants to turn our urine into a fertilizer, used bio construction techniques using materials collected at the site, and nurtured the eroded soil to create a symbiotic space with mychorriza spores to become fertilizer for the gardens. We hope that our efforts inspire more people to become more integral with the environment that surrounds them.

We are grateful for our new relationships, and the impact generated. We are leaving to our next stop: Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, meanwhile a small group of ecounauts separate from the crew for a week with a special mission: bringing the New World to San Cristobal de las Casas.

We keep crossing frontiers as we intend to create a better world. For more information about El Pedregal visit:





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