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Using seeds as a coin is a revolutionary act. Being buried without coffin and surrender to earth, is a revolutionary act. Saying thank you with all your heart is a revolutionary act. Inventing new words is a revolutionary act. Cutting your own hair is a revolutionary act. Speaking the language of music is a revolutionary act. Because revolution is inside, and it doesn’t come for those who wait. Your action revolutions.

Somos la Misma Mujer. The first woman speaks. She carries the depth of blackness in her skin. She is the Universal Story. The world started in her womb. From her all the colors came. Even the whitest softest lightest flower. Her voice holds the truth of the past, present and future. Her voice echoes in our hearts. The first son comes from her. He carries the wound of separation. His Story is a quest for Remembrance. The waters that carried him are moving through his thoughts, cleansing the illusion of Abandonment. There is nothing to understand. You are every answer. You are loved by love.
I dream you, you exist, she says. Dream me, I exist, he says.
The first daughter is born from Her. She carries the wound of self-consciousness. Her Story is a Labyrinth of reflections. The waters that birthed her are spiraling through her vagina, bringing the sacredness back to its mystery. Father Sun, Mother Water and True Love is all we need to endure in the spiral of creation, you are loved, Mother says. Do you remember that song the sky was painting when you were born? Mother asks. Mother, sister, daughter, child, You dream me, I exist. I dream you, you exist. I am another you. Trust is the most powerful thread in the fabric of human creation. Mother is Dreaming. Created for Unify



PLACE is an urban demonstration center that holds space for any idea that supports the creation of a New Paradigm, in which education is experiential, technologies are green, individual gifts are empowered by a community, public spaces are reinvented, the commons are the link, life and death are sustainable and celebration is highly suggested.
It’s a reminder of how we live together, and how we live with Nature.

Imagine a Place where anything you want to create can happen.
Imagine a world full of these Places…


May violence against women, girls, men and the mother earth cease.
May our wild hearts be liberated and sing full out.
May our bodies be honored as sacred.
May women and men thrive together.
One Billion Rising

For many years, indigenous knowledge has been kept from the risk of misinterpretation. For all of those who are ready to listen, it is time to submerge into the power of this ancestral wisdom. This is a story of Origin from the Hopi people from Arizona, followed by mind stretching insights from Donnie, an incredibly inspiring Road man from the Native American Church tradition. May these stories bring light to you and take you into a journey inside. To expand the experience, there is also the written version of the audio, in English and Spanish. Enjoy the ride!

The celebration of Independence of the first nation people of Kuna Yala in Panama is performed with strength and creativity without limits. The new generations keep that revolutionary freshness and the desire of freedom reigns in Ustupu, an island part of San Blas archipielago.



The era of patriarchy is darkening little by little to give light to the divine feminine, the Earth’s energy, the spirit of the mother that lives in all of us. Beyond genre, feminine allows us to learn how to listen and communicate with Nature, to understand why we are and what we came here to do. To know more about Suaga Gua visit:


We occupy ourselves of being conscious of the responsibility that we have to change our society. We realized the power of unity, of how much we can grow when our hearts connect to make a real change. From Los Angeles to New York passing through Sira, Egipt, Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil, people awaken to autonomy and to the right to create their own bright destiny.


Mexico awakes to the understanding of a truthful re-evolution. Today we don’t need weapons, or screams, or sticks. Consciousness reigns, and consciousness open to us the path of Love, the only way that the planet that we inhabit can keep on being our home.



The movement 132 is not dead. Even after the presidential fraud, after the indifference of the government, after the everyday social problematic, Mexicans are turning off the TV and get out to the streets, conscious, brave, determinate to a truthful change. Kids from all ages are the engines of that change from many fronts; the revolution is made everyday, in the coherence of ordinariness.


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