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 Where does the vital force that pushes you every day come from? Can two drops of water fall in the same place? What sound do frogs make when they cry? Where does love hurt you? Can you grasp sun energy? How many ways does a flower dance with the wind? Listen to the silence that drips when we feel a part of the whole that we are.

Anya synthesizes many healing techniques into her own style including traditional chinese medicine, acupuncture, body energetics and trigger point therapy and herbalism.


In the big jungle house, where the plants magic invited us to heal the deep wound and beautiful blessing that it is to be human. Between Shipibo ceremonies and dreamy realities, the journey to the inside starts. Photos and more:  Blog


A cosmic coalition between ancestral wisdom and modern tools takes place every year in the outside of Mexico. An invitation to revalue the different ways of connection with earth and stay silent before the voice of interior messages. An homenage to nature and a reminder that we are so. Photos and more: Blog. Website:


This a journey that serves as an introduction to the mother of all healing plants Ayahuasca. In this short film you can feel the magic and peculiarity of its location Iquitos, Perú and see an alternative form of spiritual healing based in a more holistic, shamanic, view of the human body/spirit. If you are seeing this video, you have already entered the realm of spiritual healing.


One of the permaculture principles is to find richness in the edges, where life gardens and opposites collide to bring up their fullest potential. In this event herbalists, grandmas, indigenous communities, kids, scientists, and plants lovers of all kinds met in Costa Rican hot springs to enjoy the lucid dream of living in Nature, for Nature, through Nature, to invoke one more big and simple reminder: we are Nature.


Now is the moment when women reclaim the ancestral practices calling them to gather and share deeply, to empower themselves in circle, to discover together who they really are. We are witnesses of the movement to inner power, like the strongest roots of the oldest tree.


Elder Suaga Gua from the Muisca Chibcha community in Colombia shares his wisdom recognizing coca leaves as a spiritual medicine, inherited from an ancient practice to connect to the elements on Nature. He remind us that its utilization must be understood and practiced with respect among the present generations. To know more about Suaga Gua visit:


How can we be a participant of planetary regeneration? Permaculture knowledge opens this path to a holistic relationship with Nature. Meet Connor Love Jones, a warrior who talks to mushrooms and builds stoves that sound like rockets ready to launch.

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