ANI NII SHOBO Shamanic Reserve Peru: Ayahuasca

After a very long aerial journey, we arrived to the Peruvian Amazon jungle where the most fertile land grows life under our feet. Nature’s medicine received us with open arms. Every step harmonizes our spirit, every breath inspires us with the most daring designs and sounds. Together with our new brothers and sisters we have learned and envisioned our creative potential by participating in several Ayahuasca ceremonies conducted by Shipibo shamans. These healers have devoted their life in service of others and offer their heart to us chanting ikaros all night long revolving the energies in our bodies to align us with the Origin.


We will always be greateful for every moment in the maloka, for every breathtaking realization. Thank you to Ani Nii Shobo, a natural reserve that creates a space for Shipibo shamans to heal and for us to be healed. In the big jungle house, where the plants magic invited us to heal the deep wound and beautiful blessing that it is to be human. Between Shipibo ceremonies and dreamy realities, the journey to the inside starts.

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