Global Sisterhood Unify

Special thanks to Oni the film, Anya’s Practice Women’s Healing Conference, Moyenei Valdes, Consejo de Visiones, Bioneers Conference,  for donating footage to this project!

Somos la Misma Mujer.

The first woman speaks.

She carries the depth of blackness in her skin.

She is the Universal Story. The world started in her womb. From her all the colors came. Even the whitest softest lightest flower.

Her voice holds the truth of the past, present and future.

Her voice echoes in our hearts.

The first son comes from her.

He carries the wound of separation.

His Story is a quest for Remembrance.

The waters that carried him are moving through his thoughts, cleansing the illusion of Abandonment.

There is nothing to understand.

You are every answer. You are loved by love.

I dream you, you exist, she says. 

 Dream me, I exist, he says.

The first daughter is born from Her.

She carries the wound of self-consciousness.

Her Story is a Laberynth of reflections.

The waters that birthed her are spiraling through her vagina, bringing the sacredness back to its mystery.

Father Sun, Mother Water and True Love is all we need to endure in the spiral of creation, you are loved, Mother says.

Do you remember that song the sky was painting when you were born? Mother asks.

Mother, sister, daughter, child

You dream me, I exist.

I dream you, you exist.

I am another you.

Trust is the most powerful thread in the fabric of human creation.

Mother is Dreaming.