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The objective reality is an illusion that invites us to keep imagining all her infinite possibilities. Our perspective about her is the only thing we have to prove her existence in us. Hence, to enrich and potentialize this perspective is the best we can do to tell the stories of the big story. And here we are, the artists, those who enjoy to step away from the common sense, to tell the novelty of an ancestral collective dream about a reality that never existed.

Bioneers advances the great transformation underway in human civilization by serving as a seed head for game-changing social and scientific vision, knowledge and practices that honor the genius of nature and human ingenuity.

We do so through our annual National Bioneers Conference, award-winning media, local conferences and community resilience networks, and leadership training programs focused on youth, women and Indigenous peoples.


A Medicine Hat begins with a dream, a vision, an intention. Close your eyes, imagine your greatest self. Listen to your ancestors. Feel your heart full of gratitude. Release that which no longer serves you. Call in all that the universe is offering. The steam will open the hairs of the fur felt to receive the blessings for your life, which you will carry with you every day. Bring your grandmother’s button, your father’s tie, your daughters blanket, your favorite stone. If you wish, these medicine objects will be incorporated into your hat to keep you safe. Your Medicine Hat is unique. Your Medicine Hat is for you alone. Your Medicine Hat is a tool for your transformation, for your healing of your world. A Blessing on Your Head. Hampui.

PachaMama’s Teachings and Lis-Lotte Mariscal inspire profound connections to Mother Nature as rapid ways to discover your True Nature, Enhance your Relationships and finding Inner Peace and JOY.

The Project Nuevo Mundo Earth Odyssey bus tour journeyed to the Lake Atitaln, Guatemala to create  the Cosmic Convergence Festival after spending two months on the road at permaculture impact centers. The festival was a magical experience where we were able to create a Cosmic Cinema, help build the festival and capture the amazing moments dancing in the new year.


Every year a cosmic event takes place to remind us that life is a dream. Magic reigns when we find ourselves lucid in the collective dream. This story is told every year, are you ready for Lucidity?


Guadalupe Urbina performed at the Medicines from the Edge conference in Costa Rica. This was a gathering of herbalists from the Americas to celebrate our diversity and learn about the abundant medicines from the Neo-Tropics in Costa Rica.


Dhatu mixes the world in his beats.

She is a fairy & her favorite game is to spin around in a graceful bliss. Meet Faeryn Fire.

Mermaids keep a treasure hidden in the bottom of the ocean. A stone so indistructuble that all the history of the planet can fit inside. Meet the man who can uncover its secrets.

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Republic of LightImages, sounds, and imagination create our realities. We are Republic of Light. We create audiovisual art that is conscious, constructive, destructive, impossible, mystical, and inspirational. Transforming the means of story telling towards the re-evolution of human consciousness.


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