To the Origin – Documentary Series

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This is an intimate acknowledgment of ourselves as Nature. A transpersonal journey births a deeper relationship between Master Plants, indigenous healing wisdom and universal consciousness.

We have been traveling for the past three years filming throughout Central and South America learning from Indigenous people first hand why they consider Master Plants sacred – Ayahuasca, Mushrooms, Coca, Cacao, Peyote, Corn.

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About To the Origin

Native healers share their mythology, traditions and ways of communication, exposed through visions, dreams, ceremonies and intimate connection with the plants they diet. This series offers the unique opportunity to hear from the indigenous people themselves.

To bridge the metaphysical realm experienced from the communion with these plants, each episode will also portray testimonials of people from the all around the world. These scenes are the essence of transcendental states of consciousness and appeal to our subconscious through the use of archetypical characters and places. We turn to Surrealism and Magic-Realism as our main sources of aesthetic inspiration.





Why are we making this series?   

These plants have an inherent intelligence, and the potential to heal, teach and guide us into a greater understanding of ourselves. To reach these benefits we have to learn first how to relate to them in a way that is loving, and sustainable.

These stories inspire awareness of traditional plant medicine, conservation of indigenous cultural heritage, regeneration of master plants habitats and a transpersonal understanding of reality.  Above everything, this series is a closer look at our relationship with Nature, which is actually the relationship we have with ourselves.

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